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Pay Per Click Advertising – A Proven Marketing Tool

February 15, 2016/ Robert Nash /Pay Per Click
Pay Per Click Advertising – A Proven Marketing Tool

Using Google Adwords, Pay Per Click Advertising, you can drive targeted traffic to your website using keywords and search phrases appropriate to your business. Many successful online businesses utilise this powerful marketing tool to increase sales from their websites.

The best part is that you only pay when a user clicks on your advert, usually only a few pence. This means with a well designed high converting website, you can achieve a fantastic return of investment using PPC marketing. Using the Google Adwords suite of tools, you can select appropriate keywords you want to target that will drive traffic to your website.

In order to get the best results from Pay Per Click Advertising, it is important that you implement a campaign strategy bespoke to your business. Adwords gives you complete control over the budget and keywords you wish to choose, therefore it’s important that you plan and optimise your campaign as you make progress. The vast amounts of analytical data that Google provides in their Adwords tool is very useful. If your selected keywords are not performing as expected, you can change and optimise your selections, in order to get the most bang for your buck.

A professional design agency such as our team at Nash Graphics, will use the tools in Adwords to plan how to effectively brand and advertise the products and services you offer. For example, if you are a Loft Conversion Specialist in Essex, we look at the competition and see where we can find opportunity to promote your business using keywords and search phrases that will get you to the top of search results. This research also gives us the information we need to write and produce effective advertising campaigns across many different platforms.

If you’re interested in discussing in more detail how Pay Per Click Advertising could work for your business, be sure to leave us a message and we will be in touch.