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The Power Of Using Email Marketing

February 15, 2016/ Robert Nash /Marketing
The Power Of Using Email Marketing

Whether you are a brick and mortar business, an online service, or a one man band, you can use email marketing effectively to engage with new and existing customers.

What Is Email Marketing ?

Email marketing is one of the simplest but most effective strategies to connect with your existing customer base. It’s quick, easy and very personal, ideal for any digital strategy. Engage with your audience and grow your brand. Convert readers into sales using effective call to action and promotion.

Email Lists – Your Biggest Asset

Your list of email accounts can be considered as one of your biggest marketing assets. Why? By simply producing a relevant promotional email and sending to your list, you can generate new leads and sales very quickly. Capturing new email accounts through lead generation is an effective strategy to grow your business further. Need an example?

Here at Nash Graphics, we giveaway a free PDF guide on ‘The Benefits of Social Media’ across our social media platforms. In order to download this PDF, users have to leave their name and email address before receiving the download. These email accounts are then collated and placed in an automated list, we then send appropriate marketing material via email, in order to generate some interest and sales for our business. This same strategy can be implemented for your business and works in a variety of ways.

If you think Email Marketing would be a great opportunity for your business, why not get in touch and we can have a chat. We’ll work with you to truly understand your audience and grab your customers’ attention with effective email marketing campaigns. Whether it’s sharing industry news, focusing on what’s happening in-house or sending your customers hints, tips or competitions. Here at Nash Graphics, we have worked with a number of our clients on their email marketing, in order to successfully connect with their customers and generate sales.